Erlin Hotta – President Juventus Valencia Roatan Soccer Team

Enry Padilla – Founder/Director of Juventus Kids League

Olin Garcia – Director

Julio Obando – Director

Kids Soccer Coach

Fernando Sosa – A former professional trainer for one of the Honduran national teams. Coach Fernando has over 27 years of coaching experience. With the growing interest of kids a need to hire a full time coach became necessary.

Roatan Kids Soccer League Teams

  • Juventus Kids – West End/Sandy Bay
  • Dolmos – Los Fuertes
  • Galaxy – Coxen Hole
  • Piratas – Coxen Hole
  • Kairos – Coxen Hole
  • Vida – Los Fuertes
  • Warriors – French Harbor
  • Arobia Welcome – French Harbor